Customer Information: Information is collected at the time of registration for the BlastBuilder Web site in order to complete transactions related to it's use. Customer lists are not not sold or distributed to third parties. This Web site does not use customer lists to send solicitations.

Web Site Log Files: Like most Web sites log files are generated that show the IP Address of the visitor, date, time, and pages visited. Aggregate reports for Web site visitors are generated that do not contain personally identifiable information. Advertising reports are generated that show the IP addresses of visitors who clicked on ads. This information may be sent to the advertiser to confirm the advertising fee charged. The advertiser already has this information as a result of the user clicking on the ad. No additional information about the visitor is supplied to the advertiser. The log files are eventually deleted.

Third-party Downloads This Web site does not allow third-party downloads or for third-parties to place 'cookies.'

Cookies: This Web site does not make use of cookies. Applications, Web properties, and other Web portals developed by PM Technologies may make use of cookies. Check with the specific Web site's privacy policy to check for the use of cookies.

P3P Privacy: This site complies with the P3P privacy initiative currently used by Internet Explorer 6.0.

Mailing Lists: This Web site does not maintain a mailing list. If you are registered with a BlastBuilder Web site your information is used only for billing and contact purposes. Your name, e-mail, and other information is never used to send spam or other forms of opt-in or opt-out mailings.

User Registration: To sign up for a BlastBuilder Web site you will go through a registration process. This information is collected for the sole purpose of displaying content on your Web site. None of this information is ever sold or distributed to third-parties. This information is only used for billing and contact purposes by PM Technologies.

For more information regarding online privacy, please visit Consumer.Net